Welcome to the "Green House"

Catja and Andrew are the proud owners of "Green House", our small farm in the Magaliesburg area in rural Gauteng.

We came up with this name because, whilst neither of us are farmers by birth, we both love Nature and want to be organic and self-sustaining and learn to live in harmony with Natural forces. So it is a place for our ideas to germinate, incubate and hopefully grow. It has been a long process (from childhood) to get to our present love and understanding and so the farm represents the "green light" from the Universe. We are sure that we will have failures and can always improve our methods but we are convinced that the way to succeed is by observing natural processes and then working to enhance the desirable effects and minimise the undesirable.

We plan to not have to buy any vegetables within 2, fruits within 5 and meat within 10 years. And to  not contribute a cent to any form of monopolistic or genetically modified agribusiness.

Currently we are moving in with our various seedlings, vegetables, herbs, fish, rabbits, dogs and cats. We are not going to act hastily in setting up any projects but will rather observe the local conditions (wind, sun, shade, rainfall, etc) and then arrange things so as to make full use of those elements. We will move with our existing miniature solar setup and other ideas of recycling and sustainability and adapt these to the farm existing infrastructure. Then we will expand capacity as we can afford it. We have no clear business plan but we know exactly what we should avoid (chemicals, cruelty, exploitation, damaging the environment...) and will be relying on intuition and love to take us forward. That means that any positive criticisms will be well received!

We invite you to join us vicariously on what we hope and trust will be an interesting and joyous journey back in time to simplicity, harmony and abundance.

Love and (algal) bubbles!

Captain Catja & Prof Andy